Boiler Restart & Bleeding Oil Line

Running Out of heating oil and how to fix it – Once you have oil.

On this page we will explain what happens when you run out of hearing oil and likely situations you may encounter before you can Restart your boiler.  An important piece of advise is “Don’t Panic”, as specialist suppliers of Emergency Heating Oil we can provide an immediate oil delivery and offer free advise & assistance on restarting your boiler.

Running out of heating oil will not damage your boiler, however its very likely that to get your heating and hot water back up and running you will need, a boiler restart and possibly bleeding of the fuel line.  When we deliver emergency heating oil to an empty oil tank we will ALWAYS ensure we are slowly & carefully ( not under high pressure ) delivering your oil to avoid stirring up the bottom of the tank – Most regular oil suppliers will pump oil into your tank at around 300 – 400 litres per minute*.  Our pumps are set to around 35 litres a minute, therefore providing a “Soft Fill”.

* If you have oil delivered from a main supplier we would recommend that you do not attempt to restart your boiler for approx. 2 hours, this will allow time for the tank to settle back down.

When we arrive with your emergency heating oil we will be HAPPY ( Always ) to assist with a boiler restart ( FREE SERVICE ) – More often than not this means we would need access to your oil boiler in your house. Please Note : If we deliver your heating oil whilst your at work, all we need when you return home is a picture of the front of your boiler so we can explain what to do, we will stay on the phone whilst we assist you.

Bleeding an oil line 

It is sometimes necessary to bleed air between the oil supply and the burner of an oil-fired boiler. This procedure is usually required after the system has run out of oil and the burner has ‘locked out’ and stopped. After the tank has been re-filled, the air trapped in the oil pipe needs to be released so that fuel can reach the burner and allow it to re-start.

If your oil boiler fails to restart after we have delivered your heating oil we will happily assist you with bleeding your oil line.

If you would prefer your regular Oil Engineer / Service company carry out this job – We can ensure we deliver your heating oil at an agreed time so your oil engineer is present. This would be booked in as a “Timed Delivery”.