A. Although some domestic boilers use gas oil, the vast majority of oil-fired boilers and cookers are fuelled by kerosene (also known as home heating oil, domestic heating oil, 28 second oil and burning oil.)

A. We aim to deliver on a same basis ( Orders must be placed before 11am ) – If for any reason this isn’t possible we will advise you.

A. Yes as, long as we can access your oil tank easily and it is unlocked you don’t need to be present for your delivery. Please remember to unlock gates.

A. The minimum delivery we can make is 200 Litres. If you require less you can use our Click & Collect service.

A. Our tankers have hoses up to 75 foot. Please don’t panic if you tank is further away or difficult to access we can still deliver with our portable pumps.

A. Payment must be made in advance of delivery or collection.

A. You can collect heating oil from our Head Office in Writtle, Chelmsford – Full details will be given as soon as an order has been placed. Collections are by appointment.

A. Yes. A properly set up and maintained system should not be effected by the change in the amount of heating oil in your tank

A. No – Due to insurance risks we cannot run a hose through your house. If you unsure about the accessibility / location of your tank please call us to discuss – Confident we can find a safe solution for filling your oil tank.