We have attended to hundreds of households that have been in the same position you find yourself in NOW.  We fully understand and appreciate the urgency in getting your heating and hot water operational again. 

Rest assured by carefully following the steps below we can ensure the disruption is kept to a minimum.

First let's look at the Do's

    1. Check you have run out of oil – In some cases, people may suspect their tank has run out when it is in fact, a problem with their fuel lines, boiler or tank. It’s best practice to make sure that you have completely run dry first by dipping and checking your tanks oil level.


    1. If you have run out of oil or are running low, the best advise is to turn off your boiler asap – this will hopefully ensure you don’t need to bleed your oil lines before restarting. Don’t panic if you need a boiler restart or help bleeding your oil line, we can provide assistance with this Free of Charge.


    1. Order Emergency Heating Oil When placing your order online please advise us that you are without Heating / Hot Water, our office team will ensure we prioritise your delivery.


  1. Call us we are available 7 days a week – Confident we will be able to put your mind at rest.

Now for the Don'ts

    1. Don’t Panic – We specialise in providing Emergency Heating Oil deliveries – infact its all we do.  Working 7 days a week, 7am – 7pm, Call us to discuss your requirements – the QUICKER we have your call, the faster we can assist you.


    1. We do not recommend filling your tank with Diesel or any other fuel. Your boiler is set up to run on Domestic Heating Oil ( Kerosene ), You may well incur unnecessary expense or possibly damage your boiler.


    1. We do not recommend lifting or wedging up the rear of your tank – Yes there is often liquid in the bottom of your oil tank, however this is normally full of sediment & water, also known as Sludge, this can block your fuel line and filters. Also you may dislodge or damage the fuel line which could cause a leak.


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